Tuesday, October 30, 2012


What have I learned?
I learnt that we should be able to look critically at products and presentations not just to point out their flaws but also to find a way to improve it. This also helped me to find out how to improve something and not just decide that it was already perfect. I also learnt that we should keep coming up with new and innovative ideas for things that are used in everyday life so as to further develop our way of living.

So what?
So, this will help me in trying to find out new solutions and ideas and keep discovering problems to solve, even during my GCP trips. This can help improve not only our lives but those of people around the world, and it may even revolutionise the world we live in.

Now what?
Now we need to keep thinking and exploring various things, ideas, problems. And to keep improving and changing and creating something new from the bases that we already have so that we can just keep moving forward.